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Karl ‘Jerry’ Craig’s Statement

We live in such a beautiful world with so much natural beauty as well as things created by man/woman. All of this influences me.   I personally often feel like a sponge, absorbing everything as a sponge absorbs water then I squeeze it all out onto canvas – paper – metal – wood – stone or any type of surface that is available.  Often, I am not satisfied and feel as if my searching will never end but still…..I am searching, using any kind of media that helps to express the imagery that is constantly coming into my mind.    Color, Texture, Composition and Design play an important part of my work.  


Of course, I am influenced by my heritage and surroundings and try whenever I can to incorporate this into my work.    I like using color in a jewel sense as this to me, links into my spiritual being and express so much of my soul.    I work in series which often consist of between 4 to 12 pieces, all linked in, but all different.

More about Jerry

Karl ‘Jerry’ Craig – Paintings

Karl ‘Jerry’ Craig has a diverse and prolific oeuvre that includes many series of paintings, each radically different in technique and context. His paintings often explore the landscape, signs and symbols of the people of the Caribbean, Africa and the Americas.  Craig’s use of gold leaf and richly embellished surfaces evokes the allusive icons of sacred art, from ancient Christian themes to the complex mix of Asian, African and Indians of the Americas folkloric influences on Caribbean culture.

With these deep, ancient influences, yet his work has a fresh, contemporary feel; shimmering with light, heightened color, iridescent tones and complex textured patterning.  His work reflects his delight in the environment: his romancing of the sun, sand, sea and alluring flora of the Caribbean.   As a result, his work is highly attractive and collectible and is exhibited in many important national collections. He has also created numerous commissions and public murals.

Some group exhibitions:

Artists of the Caribbean -Commonwealth Institute, London, England

Caribbean Art – House of Commons, London,  England

Contemporary Art of the Caribbean – OAS Gallery, Washington, DC

Contemporary Jamaican Painting – Havana, Cuba

New Possessions – Art Museum of the Americas, Washington, DC

Fifty years of Latin American and Caribbean Art- OAS Gallery, Washington, DC

Jamaican Art – Philadelphia, USA             Thirty Jamaican Artists – Mexico City, Mexico

Jamaican Art – Nagasaki, Japan                Caribbean Visions – Touring exhibition to Smithsonian sites

Some Solo Exhibitions:

Mansard Gallery — London, England Mutual Life Gallery — Kingston, Jamaica

Bolivar Gallery – Kingston, Jamaica Gallery Barrington —Kingston, Jamaica

University of the West Indies Gallery Bacardi—Bacardi Center, Miami

Museum of Modern Art—OAS, Washington Gallery Des Artistes —West Palm Beach

Sunrise Civic Center Art Gallery—Sunrise

South Regional Broward College Library —Pembroke Pines

Bank of Jamaica            

Billy Craig Insurance

Eagle Merchant Bank Collection

Jamaica Citizens Bank            

ICD Group National Commercial Bank

Pan Jamaican Group            

Morgan’s Harbor Hotel Jamaica.

National Bldg. Society

Jamaica Conference Center      

San Souci Hotel Dehring Bunting & Golding

Mechala Group Collection         

National Gallery of Jamaica A.D. Scott Collection

Guy McIntosh Collection            

Paul Chen Young Collection Institute of Jamaica

Wallace Campbell Collection     

Myers, Fletcher & Gordon Horace Mann Middle School      

Urban Development Corp.         

University of the West Indies       

 Botswana National Gallery

  • “Global Caribbean IV. Focus on Contemporary Expression/ Pieces of Jamaica”. Little Haiti Cultural Center. (For Art Basel)
  • Multitudes Contemporary Gallery.  (Art Basel)
  • “From Whence We Came”.  Sistrunk Gallery- Black History Month – Art Exhibition
  • “On the Other Side of the Track” Multitudes Contemporary Gallery
  • “Caribbean Canvases and Frames”. An Exhibition to Celebrate Caribbean Heritage Month.    Miramar Cultural Center.
  • “Caribe Art Fest. Sistrunk Gallery.
  • City of Lauderhill Police Head Quarters (LAC Artists)
  • Lauderhill City Hall (design of Terrazzo floor for Reception Area)


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