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    Perhaps you have been looking for a hair dryer, you will know that it’s almost overwhelming using the vast selection available. Virtually every home has no less than one, when time involves replace or get some new dryer, can you be sure what will work most effectively using your hair? Can you judge the product or service by the manufacturer? Perhaps by it’s looks? Think about according to it’s price? There are a number of critical indicators to think about before buying the top hair dryer on your hair.

    There are five basic types available today; the standard metal coil model, ionic, ceramic, tourmaline and nano-silver. Some models combine 2 or more of those technologies together. Here is a take a look at each one of the five mentioned.


    The original models go back towards the early 1920’s and frequently include an engine as well as a metal heating coil. Because the metal coils heat up, an auto blows intense hot air (positively charged ions) and dries your hair relatively quickly. The thing is that they normally use positively charged particles (positive ions) that throw open the cuticles within the shaft of one’s hair and essentially bakes the water off. All sorts of things typically dry, frizzy, unhealthy looking hair. While these are generally still currently available, these are most of the cheaper, budget models.


    Unlike metal coil dryers which use positively charged ions, ionic hair dryers use negatively charged particles. What are the differences? Negatively charged ions breakdown water droplets into smaller, micro-droplets which can be easily made available to the shaft with the hair, thus decreasing the drying time and also enhancing the health of your hair.


    Ceramic, once used only in flat irons, is getting used in hairdryers. Traditional models use metal coils that heat up intensely however created "cold spots" as the heat produced is not consistent. Ceramic create a level and consistent heat, and frequently only can be found in the lowest and speed settings. Ceramic also reduces bacteria formation, this means cleaner, healthier scalps and hair. Not uncommon to locate among the better models both ceramic and ionic.


    Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that after heated emits a great deal of negative ions naturally. In tourmaline models, the stone is crushed and infused onto ceramic heating elements, and is also capable of producing up to 6 times more negatively charged ions as opposed to regular ceramic elements, therefore reducing drying time drastically. Most tourmaline hair dryers combine ionic, ceramic and tourmaline components.


    The newest in dryer technology, nano-silver kill 99% of all bacteria so it helps maintain hair looking shinny and clean longer. Because technology is still quite new, a lot of companies haven’t introduced their own models yet yet it’s an excellent bet you will notice some in the next number of years.

    Depending what your allowance have enough money, most hair professionals recommend buying a model with both ceramic and ionic technology. If you’re able to afford it, particularly if you’re usually in a hurry after your shower, combining ceramic, ionic, and tourmaline technologies is among the most ideal. The very best hair dryer will typically eat up your whole budget, nevertheless it’s not money wasted. Purchasing the best hair dryer you can afford is more of your investment instead of a price.

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